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11 May 2018 @ 08:42 pm
Welcome to my livejournal account.
I will NOT writing much because I am busy in my life,
but I will try my best to share with you my actual thoughts about everything what's important for me.
Current Location: East Europe (mainly).
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I had a marvellous Golden Week vacations in Japan. I was in Yokohama on Sexy Zone Tour concert.
We've got a very good seats there. I saw all because I am 180 cm tall... lol. But I'd respect the others (not so high people), so I was half-sitting almost whole concert. It was my first visit in Japan. I felt there like home, because I have all things set in concrete order here,in my place. I like to have all things planned and prepared long time before the event. Now I am preparing to install the tools, which ones will allow me to watch Japanese tv online.

What is my favorite memorial from my Japanese vacations?


I like your scream on the concert, the way you behave, your look and such unexpected questions like:
"are you Marius family member"? Not, I am not connected with Marius this way, but I know his german language,
also russian language, english language and polish, czech, slovakian... and a bit italian.
I've learned japanese language a bit also.

I hope I will go to Japan on Hey!Say!Jump Tour next year. Now I am backing to my 2 jobs...

Have a nice day, Amin.
31 May 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Do Johnny's Managers read the journals of fans? Yes, they do!
I've realized they started to add a members cards to their releases.
Well... good turn, but it was original my idea to increase the sale...
I wrote it year ago before they made it in my friend's journal. :)))

Now I've got another two ideas:

Johnny's band (with Yugo of course) singing more international then japanese pop music.
For example Cheryl Crow, Lorie and Heart songs... with japan lyrics. Will be lovely.
And of course they will could release an album with vacation songs, romantic and easy to remember melody...

Matsushima Sou-kun should get the lead role in a movie, like Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day".
He will be brilliant in such "comedy with the positive end" movie in my opinion, isn't it?
I like him when he express his feelings, he's very natural in it.


In private life I am sales manager, and now I am celebrating very big sale month...
All media around me talks about crisis. I think they're programming people's minds.
From my seat we have no crisis at all.
I met a priest from Uganda recently. In Africa people dies because of no water,
10% of Uganda people believes in voodoo_and they kills children at shamen to get rich.
There is true and real crisis.
In Europe we have only some thiefs - politics, professional lie-speakers, who feeds their mouth with our money.
Not crisis at all.

For several days we will have big sport event here. Let's enjoy it! Beer is half price cheaper now so I'm enjoying it. :)
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08 March 2012 @ 08:43 am
Let all of your future dreams come true.

31 January 2012 @ 09:37 am

   An appeal to all those who do not want ACTA

As you know our freedom – not only in the Net – is endangered. And now we are told, that the American Congress refused to proceed with SOPA and PIPA. Nor is it going to ratify ACTA.
Nevertheless the Administration goes on putting pressure on the other States to introduce ACTA all over the world. For example: The US Embassy in Warsaw phoned the Polish Government office demanding the names of the Members of Parliament who voted on the Committee session against proceeding with ACTA!
We are not going to allow to limit the freedom in the colonies (as some of the Americans treat the rest of the globe) while the Americans themselves are still free in this domain.
Let us fight for our freedom.
If the White House proceeds promoting ACTA, the KNP proposes to begin a trade boycott of the American goods.
Therefore we herein found the International Committee for Freedom of Operating with Information. The purpose of the ICFOI is to limit the protection of patents and the authors' rights to a sensible extent. To achieve this goal we will propagate the idea of boycotting the American goods, also to a sensible extent.
The details will be established and promoted in the world by volunteers. All organizations determined to help us are asked to subscribe  via e-mail:
and join to the ICFOI. If somebody wants to help organize actions against ACTA is asked to subscribe here:
- putting as Re: the name of her/his country and town (in that order).
If somebody wants to support us promoting our materials, is kindly asked to send her/his address onto:
putting as Re number of addresses she/he can forward our news to.
A luta continua! We shall win because our cause is just! 

    Józefów, January 30th 2012

                              Janusz Korwin-Mikke

   (Sir Korwin-Mikke is the most popular Polish blogger with 50 mlns entries in five years.  )

29 January 2012 @ 11:59 pm
I decided to join this protest at once. They started the war they can't win against us.
If we will lost we will lose our freedom and we will stay their slaves for... ever?
So please:
Let's show them our power.
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25 December 2010 @ 12:36 pm
Let's enjoy the Christmas time in the way you like.
I am relaxing with my family right now.
I will have my Holy dinner soon.
After dinner we plan to have a walk, listen to carols and sharing love.
Once again I am wishing you Merry Christmas.
Now we've just put Mr. president's coffin into the grave.
But the last week was very hot here...
Let's start from the beginning:
10th of April our national President, Mr. Lech Kaczynski had a deadly plane crash.
With him dies 96 people.
In the same place where Mr. President did flight, there was a celebration of memory of tausands people murdered by Soviets due 2nd World war. 3 days earlier. Prime Minister definitely rejected Mr.'s President will to celebrate the victims of war together. Prime Minister doesn't allow also former (retired) presidents to be a part of that celebration. Was it planned? ... I don't think so. But after celebration Prime Minister met some people in strong opposition to our Mr. president and chatted with them secretly...
Did they planned that accident?
So Mr. President, who wanted to celebrate polish victims of 2nd W War MUST flight to the same place later.
Plane started with unplanned delay (nobody knows what were the reasons). Sabotage?
Because of the delay they had to rush and can't change the airport to be on the ceremony of celebration on time. Coincidence?
Pilot decided to put the plane (air conditions were not very good, but the pilot was experienced, so he decided to try). Over one 1000 meters before airport plane lost a part of the backside rudders.
Plane was flight very low. Why? Probably damaged height sensors. Pilot tried to turn the machine upper, he didn't tell nothing (anxiety) about the board rudders due whole flight, so when he saw he fly so low he realized they must crash (airport's landing belt in Smolensk is 40 meters higher then the ground around).
The plane, Tupolev, has got engine at back side of the plane, so it couldn't fly upper as fast as they needed.
Plane's wing "caught" the tree and plane crashed, all passengers and pilots died.
Witnesses heard two explosions and saw plane flying with one belt lower. More damaged rudders?
Let they rest in peace...
In my opinion, you already know... ALL IT'S PRIME MINISTER'S (DONALD TUSK) BLAME.
Prime Minister don't allow to fly with Mr. President his friend and secretary just before the start!!!
Did he knew the plane will crash?
If so his hands are red because of victim's blood.
I want to forget what happened after delivery of Mr. President's coffin to Poland.
It was f@cking' PR of Prime Minister:
Artificial tears, when he celebrated Mr. President.
Don't straight look into tv cameras just after the crash.
He set on the grave place the national sanctuary... because the pics with Obama (who wanted to be here) and other VIP guests will get nice historic background then.
In polls on polish net 95% was against this (stupid idea). But our negative posts, polls, messages and comments has been censored and moderated.
In my opinion politics warned Church here that if they will not agree on funeral in such holy place they will have to pay taxes like normal people do in Poland. Church has got special laws here. It's millions usd daily.
So they agreed. Polish Catholic Church sold their believing Christians 2nd time (1st time they sold people voting for access to United Europe to get donations - the biggest one in Poland plus no taxes ... answer yourself how much Polish Church is greed).
I talked with many people and all of them was against this funeral in Krakow. In media all were FOR.
I prayed for the victims and for punishment for the blamers... and my prays has been heard.
On island exploded and erupted volcano. First time since hundred years!!! Coincidence?
So no pics with Obama and many other VIPs who decided to stay at their homes. :)
Insted we saw Prime Minister PR once again... Honor guard at Mr. President's coffin, very limited count of people on the funeral, Government walk after the coffin against the will of family... and taking condolences ceremony on red carpet in the king's castle, before the family, with memory book signers in place perfect to filming...
Many people was surprised that national mourning took 50% more time then mourning after Pope's death.
Mr. President Lech Alexander Kaczynski was nice and family man, but he was showing as his twin brother's doll. He signed "Treaty from Lisabon" which made Poland a part of United Europe country.
Now he is lying side by side with man, who was fighting for Poland as a Country.
Smile of the History... "From (medial) zero to (medial) hero".
The special sign for me was Pope's representative absence. That cardinal could fly to Krakow, because he hadn't got ashes in the air (someone from Morocco had flight the same way),  but he wasn't here.
So politics has got they "saint". But the Nation knows better... who is who.
He wanted to have pictures with Obama, good PR and he was the main enemy of Mr. President before his tragic death. Prime Minister wanted to steal this death (which joined all people in Poland before the news about the place of funeral and grave) for his own politic capital. I hope people will remember it.
Elections very soon...
You can hear so many lies in news (media), so let's read this text and let's know the other point of view.
I was writing what normal people thinks here.
Have a nice day.
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10 April 2010 @ 08:55 pm
Ok, probably all of you knows it already, but people in Poland lost today in airplane crash:
President of Poland (with wife), President of National Bank of Poland and all main generals of Army of Poland.
On the board were 89 people.
It's the first time on the world in world's history when nation loses all of military command-in-chief!!!
Well, I think it was NOT an ACCIDENT!!!.
I don't believe in coincidences. Polish airplane didn't crashed since 31 years.
And the crew of president's plane pay even more attention to keep this thing 100% ready to explore.
What I think?
I blame our (f@cking) Prime Minister, Mr. Donald Tusk, who was deadly opponent of Mr. President (R.I.P.).
All seems to be well planned.
Mr. President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski was against new bank credits, which government wanted to take.
We have in constitution the rule that government can't take more credits then 50% of annual budget.
Prime Minister reached 49% in march. He needs more money to tie polish people hands and change polish national currency, zloty (PLN) on euro (EUR), weak currency of eurosocialistic country (European Union = United Europe). Now they have green light to do all shitty businesses thy calls "reforms".
I feel weak and angry with it.
I feel like a kid who sees he can't be faster then his father in running.
But what energy we share the same kind of energy we get back.
Who killed our President, will take his devil's evilness back... for days, weeks, months, years, lifes, generations... Now I will pray for President's and the Victims souls. Let they rest in peace.
Be careful Donald, you can be the next one (if you will keep relations with your actual advisers).
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30 March 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Hi. I have my birthday gift already. Still wrapped in folia. It's new cd of Libera - japan version.
To be honest with you I have it since few days, but I will decided to listen to it tomorrow.
3 songs more in comparison with european version. :)))
Have a nice day.
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